Permanent Sales

Hello all, here is my permanemt sales post, it is ctr+F friendly.

All PkmnCollectors rules apply
Sales permission was granted by areica96 on 12/17/2015, and my feedback page can be found here.

Basic Info
· I ship from USA
· I don’t ship international, sorry
· I accept Paypal, as well as concealed cash at the buyer's discretion
· Prices are marked in USD and do not include shipping or paypal fees unless stated
· Items come from a smoke free home. I do have a cat but she stays away from my goods
Purchasing & Shipping
· Minimum purchase is $5
· Items are reserved on a first come first serve basis. The first buyer to request an item has claim on it, However:
· Buyer must commit within 24 hours after I have given you a quote. Item can be held longer if you ask, if not it will be passed on to the next interested buyer
· I am not responsible for any mess ups made by the postal service, let me know at time of purchase if you would like tracking on your package
· Trades are currently being considered. You can find my wants list here
· No haggling please
· Backing out of a purchase will result in negative feedback
· Put the word "apple" in your comment to signify you have read the rules
· I typically ship on Mondays

Snorlax Pokedoll- $35
Croagunk Pokedoll MWT- $40 (tag is bent on one corner, see picture below)

Jolteon Pokedoll Veloba TTO- $20
Lapras Canvas TTO loved- $16 shipped
Treecko MPC MWT- $8

Squirtle Pokedoll- $17
Mega Mawile Kid- $5
Pokemon Heart Gold Ho-oh Figure promo MIP- $8

*********NOTE- All applause plush have an 'H' marked on their tush tag. See picture below

Ivysaur Applause- $14
Dratini Applause- $9
Wartortle Applause- $13
Vulpix Applause- $8

Snorlax Applause- $5
Seel Applause- $6
Meowth Applause- $5
Eevee Applause- $15

Squirtle Applause- $5
Zubat Applause- $5
Totodile petite plush- $7

*********NOTE- All applause plush have an 'H' marked on their tush tag. feel free to ask for photos if you want to see a specific plush's tag

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire- $25
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity- $20
Pokemon Platinum- $20
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of time- $10

Pokemon Heart Gold (OUTER CARDBOAR BOX ONLY)- $5

Authentic Trading Card Game Pins- $6 each
1 Inch Figures (a bit dirty)
Kadabra 1 inch Fig- $2
Machoke 1 inch Fig- $2
Primeape 1 inch Fig- $2
Raticate 1 inch Fig- $2
Nidoqueen 1 inch Fig- $2

Pokeball Keychains
Togepi (x2)- $5
Meowth- $5
Pikachu- $6
Eevee- $6
Psyduck- $5
Without pokeball- $4

Burgerking Keychains
Sandslash- $3
Nidoking- $3
Spinner toys
Koffing- $3
Pikachu- $3
Jigglypuff- $3

Electrode Spinner Toy- $3
Blastoise Bouncy Ball- $2
Plush Bulbasaur Keychain- $4
Charmander Figure- $4
James Figure- $4

Vintage Denim Charizard Hat (kid size)- $10

PMD Explorers Guide- $6

Abra Kid- $1
Aron Kid- $1
Growlithe Kid- $1
Gengar Kid- $1

Xatu Kokeshi Charm- $3
Marowak figure- $1
Butterfree figure- $1
Dewott Kokeshi Charm- $3

Freebies! Choose 1 for every $5 you spend. Otherwise they are $1 each
Gone: minecraft figure, absol

Permanent Wants Post!

This is a list of things I am currently on the lookout for. If you have something that is cubone related but not on this list, feel free to ask me about it, I may still be interested!

Major Wants (ranked)

2017 Halloween Time Cubone metal charm(PKMN Center Promo)

Banpresto Ichiban Kuji Prize G Pikachu Cubone Nebukuro

Sansei Allstar collection Cubone Plush

Anything from the Pokemon Time Collection

Pokemon Gallery Figure

Cubone Tin Can Pin

2017 Halloween Time Cubone rubber strap (PKMN Center Promo)

Anything from the Hanafuda Collection

Re-Ment Terrarium Collection 2 Sandshrew & Cubone Figure

Bandia Tea Cup Time Mascot Cubone Figure

Minor Wants (ranked)

Tokara Tomy Cubone & Substitute figures

1998 Cubone Dogtag

PKMN Center Metal Charm (from updated set with Alolan Marowak)

Cubone PC Charms

Low Tier Wants

Auldy Tomy Windup Cubone Kit

 Cubone Zukan

Tomy Cubone Figure

Mega Construx Cubone Set

Cubone Marble Case, Cubone Marble (any color is ok)

Hello Friends

I've decided to join the pokemon collecting community, and thus this account was born.

Not that large of a collection so far, all that I have are the things I've kept around since being a small child, plush the other small things I've picked up over the years. I don't have a picture as I am at college and the lot is back with the parents at home, but Ill give you a small idea of what we are working with (If I can remember)

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But so yeah, I'm going home for Thanksgiving, so hopefully I'll be able to take a real picture then
Nice to meet you! :)